“The perm is dead. American Wave was born to create soft, natural looking waves and sexy curl patterns for today’s style-conscious clients. Today, the trend is for the graceful elegance and individuality of texture. Necessity is the mother of invention and we made the product to match the demand.” –– Nick Arrojo 

Featuring modern ionic technology, the American Wave System is a contemporary and exclusive professional wave and texture enhancing service that creates a range of customized styles from cascading beachy waves to increased volume and bounce to and full, curly shapes. 


American Wave is THIO and AMMONIA FREE, positively charged (so it attracts to the hair shaft, rather than repel it), and uses modern ionic technology. It means the product gently seeps into the hair shaft without causing dryness, damage or unpleasant odors. The system uses a combination of ‘soft tools’ to reduce the stress on the hair, editorial-hair setting techniques that ensure that the mélange of textures we create are always modern, fashionable and wearable, and a specialized waving lotion that reconditions the hair for a smoother cuticle and natural wave movement. Additionally, instead of chemical compounds, the American Wave smells like eucalyptus.


As the inventors and pioneers of American Wave, ARROJO NYC is the flagship location for the service. We have also trained and certified salons and stylists across America to practice the service. Being such a creative and specialized technique we urge clients to only get an American Wave from a certified salon or stylist. View the American Wave salon locator here. 


Clients with all hair type are eligible for American Wave.  The formula lasts for up to three months and works with many permanent and demi-permanent colors. American Wave is not suitable for hair highlighted beyond 25%. For hair highlighted beyond 25% we recommend American Color Wave. 


The American Wave can be customized for a range of hair textures and lengths including:

  • The Beach Wave: Using a vertical drag wrap soft tool technique, this style marries straight and wavy textures to create the sexy, tousled beach waves on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends.   
  • Style Support:  For clients with fine and/or straight hair, Style Support uses a new spin on soft tool wrapping techniques. It adds volume and texture to hair that lacks life and vitality by creating a resilient consistent wave pattern that helps create better blow-dries and hot-tool styles. 
  • Expanded Curls:  For those with curly hair, Texture Specialists use a round soft tool wrapping technique to create buoyant and resilient wave and curl patterns that are healthy, frizz-free, and fun. 
  • Color Wave: Color Wave allows for any of the American Wave styles to be applied to lightened hair, so you can pair bombshell blondes with bombshell waves and curls.