Get Just The Right Amount of Oomph With an American Wave

The American Wave is a versatile waving system that can be tailored to fit your personal style and own hair needs. It is not a one size fits all service and that’s why we love this bouncy and relaxed look shown in the picture above. This wave, done by Eve Galmiche, colorist and texture specialist at ARROJO Studio in NYC, is a modified wrap that gave just enough oomph to her hair to change her whole look without drastically changing her style.

   "I chose a modified beach wrap on this client to cross the look of lived in waves with root lift at the crown. This customized and adapted wrap is great because not only does it provide the loose beachy texture and softness around the face that we all love, but it also creates body, lift and movement throughout making hair always look like you spent hours styling it to get it just right. 

   The entire service took two hours from start to finish and I styled her with curl enhancer and styling whip. This brought out the waves and gave soft touchable hold that will look great all day.

   I love the result on her and it complements her face shape nicely. Before, her hair seemed to be pulling her bone structure down. Now with the bounce of the waves she has more lift and balance to her overall look.  

   For at home care she will shampoo after 48 hours and be sure to use Arrojo gentle shampoo and conditioner. Styling with curl enhancer and refinish dry shampoo will create a perfectly disheveled finish." --Eve Galmiche 


Special thanks to Eve for sharing her American Wave service and styling tips. 


Interested in booking an American Wave for yourself? Visit ARROJO Studio in NYC for a consultation or check out our locator to find an American Wave certified stylist in your area. 


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