Go Big and Bold With an American Wave

The American Wave is known for making gorgeous beachy relaxed waves, but it can also go the other way and build big, bold, springy curls. Do you want curls that never fall, endless volume, eye-catching full texture? Then the Ameican Wave Expansion Wrap may be for you. This wrap allows the texture specialist to craft a super curly pattern for you that will look natural when finished.


    “For this ultra curly look I chose the expansion wave wrap. I chose this wrap because it gives maximum curl and expanded shape. This technique creates curls that fall into each other in varying directions, making the hair push out in a full voluminous look with curl starting at the root.

    The service took two hours from start to finish and I styled using a diffuser. I prepped the hair with curl enhancer and hydro mist to amp up the bouncy textured look. Adding volume to this client's hair exceptionally complements her face shape as it balanced her full cheeks.” ­ --Eve Galmiche


Special thanks to Eve for sharing her American Wave service and styling tips. 


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