A Makeover With An American Wave

With spring and summer set to spark another wave of beach bombshell hair, earlier in the week we featured what we think is the best way to put permanent texture into tresses: American Wave. Now we have a great example of its power to transform straight strands into full and luscious swirls. Flores wanted to add support and texture and increased styling options to her straight hair; she went to see Amanda Jenkins, master stylist at ARROJO NYC, for the service and the result gives Flores trendy beach waves that look natural, and the foundation to shape a range of different styles. For her own thoughts on working with the texture, click style notes.

My before picture is a blow-out with lots of volume foam and refinish dry shampoo to boost it up. Naturally, it’s pin straight. So I wanted American Wave to add support and texture so I could wear beach waves all the time, or use the textural support to create different looks. 

As a colorist and texture specialist myself, I’m usually behind the chair giving the service; to be a client felt nice. I knew what to expect and the whole transformation seemed to happen really fast.

I wanted sexy, mermaid hair, and that’s just what I got! 

My new product regimen is: 

Special Thanks to Amanda Jenkins and Flores Rachel McRorie for sharing their work and words with us.