Getting On The Trend For Texture With The Beauty Of American Wave

As the above collage shows, celebrities –– who once did anything to straighten their strands –– are now wearing waves and curls with pride. The texture trend has been simmering for a while, but it’ll be boiling over by summer. This creates a conundrum for straight-haired girls. Does one spend hours by the vanity mirror in search of fashionable waves or curls, or does one let the trend pass them by? Neither, because now there’s a new way. American Wave is a revolutionary, ionic permanent waving system that is gentle on hair, and creates a range of textured looks, from the loose movement and texture of beach waves to the beauty and grace of full-blown spirals and everything in-between. Learn more about this pioneering salon service, and what it can do for you, in the style notes.

American Wave is not a stiff or hard or corrugated wave like those made in the past; the look is soft, moveable, touchable, and contemporary––think of artful, perfectly imperfect tousle.

American Wave enables easy and versatile styling benefits. Whether you prefer a loose beach wave, a volume boost, or proper curls the texture will be achieved permanently, meaning ‘wash and wear’ will be your daily hair care routine.

This service is a great choice for those who want a fresh and fashionable, stand-out style that doesn’t require much work. Scheduling a consultation can help you understand the options that are right for your hair type and the results that you can expect. Find the nearest American Wave practicing salon to you by way of the salon locator.