Makeover Made With An American Wave

What a difference beautiful texture makes! The pictured model went to ARROJO NYC and told color and texture specialist, Barton Miller, she was bored by her short straight hair, and wanted to try the trend for texture (which, by the way, continues to burgeon). Barton gave her an American Wave –– a new professional permanent texture service ––  to create a resilient, full curl pattern with lots of expansion, and natural-looking tousle and flow. The difference is striking, and shows the power of the makeover. The natural volume strengthens her profile, helps her look sexy and feminine, while the style feels youthful and carefree. For further insights to creating and styling waves and curls, click style notes.

Step: If you want to permanently add volume, texture, curls or beach waves to your spring and summer style, find a local American Wave practitioner via the salon locator.

Step: Once the service is done and hair has been rested for 48 hours, you can blowdry or use hot tools, if desired. For most, however, the added texture makes it easier to wash and wear hair in a natural fashion. The trick is using the right products…

Step: In this instance, Barton styled the model’s hair with refinish dry shampoo and styling whip. Applied to damp hair and air-dried, this cocktail gives you a beachy, salt-water effect, perfect for beatnik-chic waves and curls.