Texture Makeover: Curl & Expansion With An American Wave

On the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends, American Wave creates a range of permanently textured looks. For today’s fashion-forward girls about town, it’s the perfect way to create a modern style with body and movement, tousle and flow. We recently showed how American Wave is used to create trendy beach waves, and today we received this submission, showing how the service can shape expanded curl patterns. Done by Amanda Jenkins, master stylist at ARROJO NYC, the squarish shape is created with a horizontal hair-setting technique, inspired by editorial styles. The result is a big, bouncy and flouncy curl pattern with a playful personality. The model, Aziza, was kind enough to share her thoughts on getting the service and working with her new texture. For her view, click style notes.

Why did you get an American Wave?

I did an American Wave because I wanted a change. I have had straight hair my entire life and I wanted texture. Texture is very trendy right now, and it’s a lot of fun to play with big curls. 

How was the process?

The process was easy and relaxing. Amanda wrapped my whole head in 30 minutes. The transformation seemed to go really fast. I like that American Wave doesn’t smell funny, like a lot of texture services tend to do. It made the experience more pleasant. 

How do you feel now that you have curl?

I absolutely love the curl! I finally have the hair I always wanted. It’s big, it’s bouncy, it’s beautiful! I also love that I can use the texture to style my hair in different ways; I have a lot more options, which is great when you feel like being creative. 

How do you style it? What products do you use to support it?

I usually let my hair air dry. When I need moisture, I use whipped treatment because it is an amazingly rich and luxurious conditioner. Otherwise, gentle conditioner is my go-to for everyday use. For shampoo, it has to be sulfate free  –– sulfates will diminish the curl pattern –– so I use either shine luxe shampoo or gentle shampoo. both are great; I like to change it up. 

For styling, I like to use curl enhancer if I want a softer, more free-flowing look; or I like to use curl definer and styling whip if I want more hold. But whatever I use, I add a few drops of shine luxe oil into the mix. It’s my favorite product, and great for polishing any shape or style.