American Wave Transformation for Spring

Spring is a great time to try out new textures and trends. Changing up your look will make you feel revitalized and give you some new hairstyles to play within the coming months.

This American Wave done by Aziza Rasulova is a great example of how new textures can lift your features but not overwhelm you. The beach wave, as seen here, is the perfect way to play up modern bounce without too much volume. Check out Aziza’s styling tips for this look and other curly ‘do’s below.

Step: Apply curl definer to wet hair and scrunch strands.

Step: Make little twists all around your hair.

Step: When hair is all twisted around head apply a few layers of wave mist to the outside of the twists.

Step: Let hair air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. When hair is completely dry shake out with hands and pulse in a bit of refresh dry conditioner