Perfectly Beachy

The American Wave is a great option for those that want beachy waves all year long. The beach wrap also know as the vertical drag marries straight and curly textures together to produce this modern movement that every girl wants. 

The beach wrap creates minimal volume at the root. This in turn makes wave pattern look contemporary, ultra natural, and like you just took a dip in the ocean. We love the above American Wave done by ARROJO stylist Tina LeNoble. This is the most perfect example of how the service can give you those waves you have been dying for. No more working with curling wands or other hot styling tools. This is wash and wear hair which means you have more time to do things that matter, like getting a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. 

Want an American Wave that looks just like this? Locate a certified salon or visit ARROJO Studio SoHo or Brooklyn.